Popular Running.
And triathlon, trekking, swimming, ...

Our main activity, is trainning in group nearly every day.

But also we have an interesting agenda, where our members join them depending on their likes and time disponibility.


This is aproximately our ANNUAL AGENDA.



- Kings Cake, 6-jan.



- Annual Members Convention

- Running from Donostia to Areso. Two groups: one from Donostia, 42km and other from Andoain, 25 km.



- Spring Race, 10 km. We organize it with 100 members as volunteers.



- Tipical basque dinner in a "Sagardotegia / Sidrería"



- Half Marathon of Donostia


From April to September:

- Mountain races Season

- Triathlon Season



- "La 15 km" race

- Behobia-San Sebastián race, 20 km.

- Marathon of Donostia

- Annual Dinner



- Charuty Trainning, San Silvester day, 31-dic. Our families come and participate and each one donates 1 kilo to "Banco de alimentos".


During the year:

- International Marathon (in Europe). We choose a different one, each one or two years (Viena 2013, Amsterdam 2011, Berlín, Praga, etc.)


Rosco de Reyes
Asamblea General Ordinaria
De Voluntarios en la Carrera de Primavera
Corriendo la Donostia-Areso
Haciendo de liebres en la Behobia
Entrenamiento solidario 31-dic
Maratón de Viena 2013