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Registration will take place from January 1 to March 14, 2019 or until the available numbers are exhausted. This year the number of available numbers is 2,000. Registration will not be accepted on the day of the race.
Dorsal Modalities:
  • - Standard bib . The cost will be 12 euros in all cases.
  • - UPV / EHU university bib . University students enrolled in the UPV / EHU , both Students and PAS (Administrative Staff) and PDI-s (Teachers and Researchers), will also register by the same means and the cost will be 6 euros .


Through the registration platform in any of the modalities.

Registration will be made from the website of www.rockthesport.com



ROBERS PROMOTION : free dorsal for purchase of running equipment.

In the store of Donostia they will ask for the proof of the online registration to be able to benefit from it.



1 / In the Sports Service of the UPV / EHU, on Saturday 16, from 16:00 to 20:00 and on Sunday 17, from 8:00 to 9:00.
2 / At the ROBERS store in Donostia, c / Larramendi 10, from Wednesday 13 to Friday 15 , during business hours.
It is essential to present the ID of the broker or the receipt of the registration.


As you probably already know, this race is organized by Donostiarrak CDK in collaboration with the UPV. And as usual runners that we are, we know that there can always be last-minute injuries that not only make it impossible to run when we already had all the training done, but also, we are supposed to lose the money from the race number and what is worse, than our prevents that number from passing to another runner who has run out of it. There are two deadlines to cancel the registration:

* UNTIL FEBRUARY 24 (included) : The cost of registration minus one euro for expenses (€ 11 in the standard number and € 5 in the case of a university number).
* FROM FEBRUARY 25 TO MARCH 14 (included) : 50% of the cost of registration (€ 6 in the standard bib and € 3 in the event of a university bib).
In both cases you must send an email to carrera@donostiarrak.com , and the corresponding payment will be made.


In case there are available numbers, they will be sold on Saturday March 16, from 16:00 and until 20:00 in the sports service of the UPV, for a cost of € 15.
The payment of the number will be made in cash so please be exact to facilitate the management.

La Carrera de Primavera no sería posible sin el apoyo de las empresas e instituciones, a través de sus aportaciones económicas y apoyos logísticos.

Muchas gracias a todos ellos.


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