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20th Spring Race



March 17, 2024, 10:00

Online registration: January 1 to March 14
Every year, coinciding with the beginning of spring, the Donostiarrak Sports Club, together with the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), organises this 10,000m race. 
With this, all the members of the DONOSTIARRAK CDK try to give back to the society something of the much that it has given us. And we do it as we know best, which is offering popular athletes a QUALITY RACE designed BY RUNNERS and FOR RUNNERS . 
At the same time, the UPV/EHU promotes sport and volunteering among its students, aware that in this way it helps to improve their training as people and complements their academic training. 
Registrations will be made exclusively via the Internet, from 1 January to 14 March or until the number of bibs available is exhausted. This year the number of bibs available is 2,000. No registrations will be accepted on race day. 
Modalities of bibs:
- From 1th January to 31th February: 15€.
- From 1th February to 10th  March: 18€.
-From 6th March to 14th March: 20€.
- University bibs: (for UPV/EHU university students as well as for PAS (administrative staff) and PDIs (teachers and researchers).
- From 1th January to 31th February: 7,5€.
- From 1th February to 10th  March: 9€.
-From 6th March to 14th March: 10€.
Every year, the Organization of the test contributes to a SOLIDARITY CAUSE, giving the bib "0" and a financial contribution, to an NGO that stands out for its humanitarian work.
Finally, it should be noted that two No. 1 RIBs are awarded on an honorary basis to a woman and a man who have excelled in some way in their respective disciplines, usually sports.
In this way we pay our humble tribute to them and make them participants in our hobby.
We publish the results in different ways:
- on our website, with the possibility of searching by name, bib, club, etc. If you have participated in previous editions, you will be able to consult your other brands and thus check your progress.
- With the QR code that you will see in the finish area, you will be able to consult it on your mobile phone shortly after crossing the finish line.
- on the website where you can register
Departure and arrival are made from the University Campus of Gipuzkoa, in the El Antiguo district of San Sebastian. The route runs along the 3 beaches of our city and crosses our famous Old Town, which gives it a very special character.
Since the circuit is completely flat and at sea level, it will allow you to get your best mark.
We take care of the quality of the race to the maximum and for that reason we strive to offer all the necessary services. The most important ones are:
Left-luggage office
First Aid
Podium and Gift Draw
Parking from 7h to 15h
We are a Club of about 200 popular runners and we organize this race with the aim that other runners enjoy our event to the fullest. Since we run many races every year, we try to apply in ours all those details that we have liked. For example:
- a nice, comfortable and well measured circuit.
- an important provisioning
- drawing of about 300-400 prizes. About one for every 5 runners!
- participation limited to 2000 runners, so don't be late with the registration.
- and everything you need to take a good souvenir
Get in on it! 
Several of our Sponsors offer exclusive promotions.
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Sponsors and Collaborators
The Spring Race would not be possible without the support of companies and institutions, through their economic contributions and logistical support.
Thank you very much to all of them.